Dr. Robert Jeffress on Pres. Trump Declaring National Emergency
Dr. Robert Jeffress appears on Fox Business' "Lou Dobbs Tonight" to discuss the border wall and President Trump's decision to declare a... read more
Commentary: Opportunity is Dead
Opportunity is dead. NASA launched Opportunity, a small rover, to the surface of Mars in 2004. It was built to collect geological samples... read more
Dr. Robert Jeffress on "The Brian Kilmeade Show"
Hear Dr. Robert Jeffress on "The Brian Kilmeade Show." read more
Commentary: Secularism is a Religion
There is now a de facto religious test for holding public office in America. No, the religion being imposed is not Christianity. It’s... read more
Dr. Robert Jeffress Previews the National Prayer Breakfast
What should we expect from President Trump? Fox News contributor Pastor Robert Jeffress weighs in on Fox & Friends First. read more
Fox News: Dr. Robert Jeffress on SOTU and More
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Commentary: Facebook Turns Fifteen
The 15th anniversary of Facebook inspired founder Mark Zuckerberg to post a mini-treatise on the positive social value of his platform. An... read more
Commentary: The Chilling Trend Toward Infanticide
We are in the midst of the great unmasking of the pro-abortion regime’s truly hideous intentions for our country. New York Democrats... read more
Commentary: The Bible is a Dangerous Book
In 2019, several state legislatures—including Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Florida, North Dakota, and Missouri—are considering... read more
New York’s Ghastly New Abortion Law
Tuesday marked 46 years since the Roe v. Wade decision. New York celebrated this dark anniversary by passing a ghastly new abortion law.... read more
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