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Moving From Grief To Acceptance

Moving From Grief To Acceptance

May 9, 2021 · by Dr. Robert Jeffress in Invincible

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In Invincible, Dr. Robert Jeffress helps us identify and defeat the “mountains” that threaten to keep us from experiencing the blessed life that God has planned for us. Offering biblical insight and practical tools, Dr. Jeffress shows us how to conquer the “mountains” of doubt, guilt, anxiety, discouragement, fear, bitterness, materialism, loneliness, self-image, time, lust, and grief. Such obstacles can seem insurmountable. Yet, we know that with God we are invincible. When we put our faith in God and rely on His power, praying according to His will, He will enable us to move the mountains in our lives.

February 28, 2021

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February 28, 2021
In Invincible, Dr. Robert Jeffress helps us identify and defeat the “mountains” that threaten to keep us from experiencing the blessed life that...
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