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Murder By Mistletoe

The Crestwood Homeowners Association is all a buzz when they learn that a magazine wants to photograph the lawn displays in their neighborhood for their next holiday edition. It’s just a shame when the magazine changes their mind and decides to shoot the display at only one of the homes. Edna Sherwood, President of the Association, is determined it will be hers, even if she has to drain her husband’s bank account and all of the electricity in the neighborhood. What Edna doesn't know about gracious living just can't be taught. Her aspirations are short-lived though. Shortly after explaining to her neighbors that it will be her home that will be used for the shoot, poor Edna drops dead from drinking a holiday cocktail laced with mistletoe.

Who could have slipped Edna such a deadly garnish? Was it Chuck Bronson? When he suspects Edna of stealing his precious penguin display from his front lawn does he go as far as murder to recover his property? Judith Durrell was furious Edna would get all the limelight and attention that she herself craved. Does losing her possible last chance at national acclaim drive her to murder? Not getting in the magazine would mean Rupert Durrell would lose the perfect opportunity to advertise his pet portraits. But is it the possible exposure of his one-time affair with Edna Sherwood that drives him to kill? Edna's long-suffering husband Howard is now bankrupt due to all of Edna’s display expenses. When Edna spends his last dime on Christmas cheer does he finally stoop to poison?

It’s up to the eclectic neighbor, Ruby Vincente, to discover who blew the fuse on Edna.

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