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Institute for Creation Research Presentations

Week 1 | April 26 | Dr. Randy Guliuzza

Our Amazing Microbe Interface System

The Covid-19 pandemic leaves Christians wondering what God’s purpose for viruses is and why God would create a defensive immune system if there was originally no death and disease. But a design-based approach to biology answers these questions perfectly. This talk will reveal a fascinating new model of the human immune system meant to replace Darwinism that is rooted in the fact that Christ is our Intelligent Designer.

Week 2 | May 3 | Dr. Tim Clarey

Are Behemoth and Leviathan Dinosaurs?

Dr. Clarey describes the basics of dinosaurs and shows how they fit with the book of Genesis. He then does a verse-by-verse examination of Job 40–41, comparing the text to the unique anatomical features of dinosaurs. He concludes that behemoth and leviathan were two specific types of dinosaurs.

Week 3 | May 10 | Mr. Frank Sherwin

The Wonderful Oceans

Water covers over 72% of our planet. Where did the waters come from? What role does the oceans play in our existence and the world's ecosystem? How much of the oceans have actually been explored? What kind of creatures inhabit the depths? Was there enough water for the Genesis Flood? These and other questions will be answered in this presentation.

Week 4 | May 17 | Dr. Jake Hebert

The Biggest Climate Scandal You Haven't Heard About - And Why It Matters for Christian Apologetics

If the earth really is young, then why do different dating methods giving "millions of years" age estimates agree so well with one another? At first glance, this seems to be a powerful argument for an old Earth. However, this apparent agreement is the result of subtle circular reasoning by evolutionary scientists. Without getting bogged down in technical details, Dr. Jake Hebert illustrates this circular reasoning by showing that 'climate change' or 'global warming' alarmism is driven, in large part, by the secular ice age theory, for which there is little or no evidence. In fact, the 1976 paper that 'confirmed' this theory depended upon an age assignment that evolutionary scientists no longer accept as valid! This revision calls into question hundreds, perhaps thousands, of secular age assignments, even if one thinks the 'millions of years' are real. Although secular scientists have never candidly acknowledged this, Dr. Hebert presents evidence that they may have become aware of this "inconvenient truth" more than 25 years ago and that they tried to quietly "fix" the problem, but without informing either the larger scientific community or the general public. This has profound implications for both Christian apologetics and the debate over climate change.

Week 5 | May 24 | Dr. Brian Thomas

The Impact of the Dragon Encounters exhibit at the ICR Discovery Center

The mere suggestion that dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time sounds crazy to most folks. But evidence on display at the ICR Discovery Center suggests just that. And it doesn’t hurt the case that the Job 40 behemoth identifies as a large extinct reptile alive after Noah’s Flood. In this presentation, Dr. Thomas examines a few artifacts that help move dinosaurs into the Bible’s time line.


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