Dear Friends,

This is your personal invitation to come with me and my wife Amy for an experience so significant there aren’t words to describe it. We’re going to worship, learn, and be transformed in the Holy Land, and we want you to join us, March 5-15, 2019. I’m sure there have been many times, as you’ve read the Bible, that you’ve tried to picture what it actually looks like in Israel, and what it must have felt like to be there. But traveling to Israel isn’t something you have to imagine….you can go there and experience it for yourself! 

Stand on the Mount of Olives where Jesus ascended into Heaven and will one day return. Experience an unforgettable Communion Service in front of the Empty Tomb. On the Mount of Beatitudes, read this famous passage and gaze into the valley where it was first preached. At the Sea of Galilee, sail the same waters Jesus walked on. Just think how encountering God in the Holy Land could deepen your faith. I want to be the one to guide you through this land and share with you my insights and teaching at these famous Scriptural landmarks. 

In addition to the spiritual moments that will transform your walk with God, you can also expect the best service and travel experience you’ve ever had. From fresh, delicious Mediterranean cuisine to luxurious accommodations, you’ll return home refreshed in body as well as in spirit. Not to mention the family-of-God fellowship we’re going to enjoy as we share from our hearts, laugh, and bond over meals—making memories we’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

This exciting time together in Israel is going to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Come with me on this remarkable 2019 Bible study tour. I guarantee you will never be the same!

Dr. Robert Jeffress

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