Transitions are never easy. We spend so much time in one season of life and then, in a moment, it’s over, and we emerge into something new. We love the idea of new—all the excitement and promise of experiences to come, but we don’t love the idea of change. Change is hard, uncertain, and often lonely. But new things require change. We cannot receive the new exciting realities of life transition without experiencing change.


Graduating seniors, this is a huge moment of transition in your life. You are stepping into full-time adulthood. Whether you are continuing school or getting a job, renting an apartment, or still living at home – you are moving into an amazing new season of life that will lead you into the rest of your life. That’s a lot of change. As you process this transition and change in your life, may I offer you some encouragement to guide your experiences of liminal joy and anxiety?


Become presently aware of God’s guiding presence in your life. The promise of James 4:7-8 is that if we submit to God’s will for our life and resist the evils of the world and the enemy who influences it, we will be able to draw nearer to God as He, in that very same moment, draws nearer to us. In my senior year of college, I applied for over 30 jobs. I was graduating with almost three years of job experience and a Master’s degree. I should have been a perfect fit for any job I applied for, right? Well, I never got a call back. Never made it past the first round of interviews. I graduated college with no job, no plan, no place to live. Change was happening, new was coming, and I felt utterly alone, stuck, and incredibly frustrated.


In that moment, I could only do that which I knew – trust God. That may sound really holy and ideal, but let me tell you it wasn’t. It was me bearing my anger and anxiety before God, but ultimately giving them to Him and choosing to believe He had a plan that I couldn’t see at that moment. A few months later, I received an invitation to join the First Dallas family. God had a plan for my good and His glory.


As you transition into this new season of life, I invite you to become presently aware of God’s guiding presence in your life. You may be graduating with everything figured out. Praise God! He has guided you into it. You may be graduating with little to nothing figured out. Praise God! He will continue guiding you in to what’s next for you. In all situations, praise God, trust Him at His word, believe He has a plan for your life, and keep moving forward with Him.

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