We’ve all said it at least once: Life is hard. Loved ones contract cancer, babies are born with disabilities, you may struggle with depression, you may lose your job or struggle to provide for your family. We all face each day with our own set of struggles and challenges, and believers are no exception. In fact, Jesus told us we could expect suffering.

We are in good company. The apostle Paul knew what it meant to suffer. He experienced rejection, beatings, death threats, shipwrecks, snake bites, angry mobs, and prison. Job understood the pain of loss. His kids, livelihood, and health all disappeared. His wife even told him to give up. But He chose to remember His God, and despite not understanding, He did not curse God or quit. 

There exists a group of believers who have learned what Job and Paul knew – despite our prison moments, we can still praise.

This isn’t an easy lesson. Many of us will go our whole lives learning how to walk in the tension of acknowledging the pain of suffering while praising the hope found in Christ. This is a mark of spiritual maturity. The more we understand God’s goodness and sovereignty, the more we see that perseverance leads to character and character to hope and that hope does not disappoint. 

We remember we are living for eternity, and this momentary pain is not definitive. While so many of us wrestle to praise God in our darkest moments, we can all confidently claim victory in Christ. He isn’t afraid of our questions, our fear, anger, or pain. In fact, on the cross, Jesus cried out to His Father, asking why He had been forsaken.

But you, friend, you are an overcomer. The God who cares for the birds, sees your pain and knows this isn’t the end of your story. He is making all things new and one day will wipe away every tear. The cross and grave didn’t defeat our God. He rose victorious. This current suffering will not define your story. We will reign with Him in eternity.

Perhaps you are experiencing a prison moment right now. You’ve been beaten. You’re bloody, cold, feeling forgotten, and waiting for the next disaster to strike. Friend, will you cry out to your Father? Will you choose to praise Him? Just like Paul in prison, as your song rises, He promises a joy and peace that surpass our understanding and circumstances. He promises Himself. He will be with you in the cell, in the fiery furnace, and in the loss of everything you hold dear. 

Friend, you are an overcomer. This is not the end of your story. We pray you count it all joy as you suffer like your Savior and look forward to glory when we will all go home. Until then, run the race. You are a victor.

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