This Sunday School year, our leaders are reading through a great book, Building a Disciple-Making Ministry, compiled by Ken Braddy and Allan Taylor. This text details the timeless principles of Arthur Flake, an incredible leader in the work of the Sunday School back in the 1920s. Mr. Flake developed the first of five principles for church growth, Know the Possibilities. Have you ever thought about the possibilities around you? A dear friend of mine and parent to two children in our ministry was led by the LORD directly to one incredible possibility where God used her to reach a child and potentially an entire family for Him. This is her story:

A few years ago, the Lord asked us to sell our home and move into a townhome, and while He was specific on where and when to move, He did not tell us why we were moving. However, we do know that He has a purpose for everything and that it’s a good purpose. Isaiah 28:29 states, “All this also comes from the Lord Almighty, whose plan is wonderful, whose wisdom is magnificent.”

Soon after moving in, we met our new neighbors, one of which was a sweet, spunky little girl around the age of our oldest son. The friendship developed quickly between her and our boys, and before we knew it, we were spending a lot of time with her. One day while in our playroom she found one of Dr. Jeffress’s tracks for kids titled The Gift. We read it to her and asked what she knew about Jesus. She proceeded to explain that Jesus was a good superhero who was unfortunately defeated a long time ago.

This child had been misguided. One of the Lord’s littlest loves was lost and had no notion of how He had successfully come to her rescue.

Fast-forward a few weeks of having short, intermittent conversations with her about who Jesus Christ actually was, we invited her to come with us to the Christmas Eve Service. The magnificent music and captivating atmosphere were intoxicating to her, and she immediately asked when she could come back.

On her next visit, we took her around campus, showing her fun places to explore such as the thrilling escalators that resemble a ride out of Six Flags, the jaw-dropping powerful fountain, historic Truett Library, as well as the exciting areas of Kids Cove that beckon kids to come and play. She was hooked.

One day she came to us and said, “Guess what?! Last night I prayed to God and asked Him to forgive me of the bad things I’ve done and to come into my heart!”

Although overjoyed at the news, we were a little surprised by it. Our first thought was, “Wait…you didn’t need our help with this?” We didn’t feel as though we personally had done much to accomplish this goal. It felt…too easy. We had anticipated long conversations, much effort given to keeping topics simple for her to understand, and also an attempt to make Christianity desirable to this child. All of which we did not feel equipped to do on our own.

But we were flawed in these assumptions because clearly, the Lord took care of all the details. While He beckoned her to Him in her heart, He also supplied us with an amazing body of Christ that is the church to work together to bring about this precious victory. The only thing required of us was to keep an open door, answer questions that were asked to us directly, and pray for her. It was that simple.

We are very blessed to be able to call First Baptist Dallas and the resources it offers our church home. Through the inspired management of many God-given resources, the leaders at First Baptist Dallas are successfully coordinating many members of the body of Christ with effective tools to make Him known and glorify His name.    

We encourage you to simply pray, invite, and watch as God moves in the lives of those around you, especially His littlest loves.

It really is that easy: pray that God will open your eyes to the possibilities around you. It may very well be that neighbor next door. It may be that mom who has a child in the same class as your child. When God reveals that possibility to you, act on it. Invite them! Invite them to go to church with you. Invite them to coffee and share about your personal relationship with Jesus. Invite them, and watch. Watch how God with His omnipotent hand will lead and guide each of us directly to Himself.

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