Tis the season for giving and getting and everything in between. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget that our money doesn’t belong to us. So how do we treat money and finances in the season where every dollar seems to fly out the door? God’s Word has some good things to say about how we steward our resources.

1. You are a manager, not an owner

In Job 41:11, God makes it clear that everything under heaven belongs to Him, and Deuteronomy 8:18 reminds us that it is He who gives us the ability to make wealth. Not only does our money belong to God, but even the talent and ability to earn it belongs to Him! So how should we respond then as managers?

A good manager takes great pride and care in what he is given to steward. He has freedom to multiply it, make it excellent, and turn it into something even better than what he was handed. Likewise, we as stewards of God’s money have the ability and calling to think through what we invest in before we toss our credit card at a purchase. How will we multiply God’s resources?

2. Avoid unwise investments (Matthew 6:19)

In his book, The Treasure Principle, Randy Alcorn says: “Everything we invest here on earth will one day be lost, but anything we invest in heaven will never be lost.” This echoes what scripture says about laying up for ourselves treasures in heaven. That kind of treasure outlives anything here on earth. So how can we think of our money as an eternal investment?

Whenever we invest money in God’s kingdom, we are investing in things of eternal significance. When Jesus comes calling, your home, car, kid’s toys, phone, etc. won’t travel with you. The only thing of eternal value in your home is your soul. This holiday, invest in people, share the love of Jesus – and you can do that with gifts! Just don’t forget to share the reason behind why we give. Invest in what God is doing through His body, a work that furthers the gospel. These kind of investments multiply more than you can imagine.

3. My heart follows my investments (Matthew 6:21)

Our money is God’s, therefore anything we invest back in His work is safe and profitable. Where we invest our time, talent, and treasure also demonstrates what we value. If we truly believe that everything we have belongs to God, how would that change how and where we invest our finances? Every dollar we invest in His work will yield dividends throughout all eternity and will never be lost.

This holiday as you purchase fun gifts for family and friends, remember that your money belongs to God and take the time to invest in His Kingdom. Christmas tells the story of an incredible gift – the gift of a Savior who paid it all for us. What an opportunity to live and give in a way that honors Him this season!

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