Steward | stew·ard | to manage or look after (another’s property)

Every experience you have, difficulty you face, memory you make, person you meet, word you say, and thought you think – all are shaping your story. But the truth is, you aren’t writing that story. In fact it isn’t even yours to steer. You are merely a steward. Every moment of every day is given to you to manage and look after. Your story isn’t yours. It belongs to God. And He directs it where He wills.

So what is our role? How can we steward the moments that make the story of our life? We share it. The details that hurt to touch, the joys we want to relive again and again, and the moments that grew us and changed us. Those moments might be the very thing that point people to the Lord. We don’t have to spend thirty minutes explaining. We can easily share our story wherever we are in whatever time we are given.

1. Share what life looked like before Christ.

Trusting Christ is a choice. Even if you came to Christ as a child, certain events or life experiences shaped your “before Christ” experience that pointed to the change. If you trusted Christ later in life, one of the clearest pictures of change to others is sharing what your life looked like before you called Him Lord.

This part of your story will resonate with those wrestling with whether God could ever forgive or accept them. Never underestimate someone seeing themselves in your BC experience. It means they are more likely to see possibilities for themselves in your change. Before Christ you were lost in your sin and following the lies you believed about who God is and who you were to Him. But you didn’t stay there.

2. Share what triggered the change.

Something caught your eye or ear and sent you seeking. The Lord can and does use anything for He is the one who draws us (John 6:44). Did something finally click at Vacation Bible School? Did a friend or family member share the gospel with you that led you to trust Christ? Did a painful experience help you see the need for a Savior? However it happened, share what led to the change when you share your story. This moment is pivotal. It officially marks you as a child of the King. This is where you embraced your new identity as “redeemed.” That new identity sparks more changes.

3. Share how life looks different now.

This piece will be even more impactful because you have shared what life looked like before you knew Christ. Jesus says you are a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17). If you are bearing fruit, others are going to see (John 15:8). People need to see that when Jesus redeems, He redeems completely. And they need to see that though we keep sinning, we are no longer defined or chained to those struggles (Rom. 6:23).

Practice sharing your story with your friends who know Christ. Prepare a long and short version so that you can share whether you are in the grocery store line or sitting across the table for coffee. Incorporate Scripture that impacted you and helped you understand the Lord in a different way. Ask God to help you spot opportunities to share about His love through your story (1 Peter 3:15).

When people require facts over faith, when they want proof of God’s existence or His goodness, the most authentic proof is your story because it points back to His story. Your story is a picture of His grace, and no one can argue with that.

Even the religious leaders and Acts couldn’t argue with the personal testimonies of Peter and John. When asked to stop communicating about Jesus, Peter and John responded that they wouldn’t stop speaking of what they had seen and heard (Acts 4:19-20). Speak of what you have seen and heard. Tell of God’s fingerprints on your life. There’s no better way to steward your story – every beautiful, messy piece of it. At the end of the day, it all points back to the saving grace of Jesus.


Written by First Dallas Staff

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