Steward | stew·ard | to manage or look after (another’s property)

Money can be a sensitive subject in the church. It might be because you have heard the subject mishandled. Or it might be because you have a wrong understanding and expectation of money. Regardless, it can be difficult to grasp one key concept: the money that you work diligently to earn every day, that money isn’t yours. It belongs to God and has been given to you to manage. How are you doing with it? Most of us know how to steward our finances but sometimes we forget the “why.”

1. Stewarding our finances provides the gift of the gospel.

When you give to the church or a gospel-based non-profit, you are making an investment in people. You are enabling resources to do what people are unable to do in certain circumstances – share the gospel (2 Corinthians 8:1-5). Through initiatives like Fuel the Fire, money becomes water wells, which become clean drinking water, which becomes an opportunity to share the gospel with a village of people in Liberia because you first met their need for clean drinking water.

Money given to the church helps our partner ministries like Involved for Life  provide medical care for women who are pregnant and allows them the opportunity and resources to share the gospel and provide biblical alternatives to unplanned pregnancies. Stewarding your finances and wisely choosing where to give provides countless opportunities to share the gospel with results you may never see this side of Heaven (Proverbs 11:30).

2. Stewarding our finances reminds us Who is in control.

How we handle our money demonstrates where our trust lies. It ultimately communicates the posture of our hearts. It is less about how much we make and more about how much we choose to give. The widow gave everything she had, and Jesus points to her as an example to follow (Mark 12:41-44). Does that mean we need to be poor to satisfy God in our giving? The reality is that most who live in America, even those who live below the poverty line, are still wealthier than most of the world. Our lack is abundance to many.

It is less about how much goes in the offering plate on Sunday and more about how we are determining our giving and stewardship. If we trust that God is our Provider who clothes the lilies of the field and takes care of the least of these, then we can trust that He is fully capable of satisfying our every need, especially when we give until it hurts (Matthew 6:25-26).

3. Stewarding our finances brings about blessing.

Before you think blessing implies prosperity gospel, one look at Scripture shows that blessing doesn’t always mean more money. It always looks like treasure in heaven (Matthew 6:19-21). It always looks like joy (2 Corinthians 9:6-7). It always looks like thinking of yourself less and valuing the needs of others more. It always looks like glorifying God (2 Corinthians 9:12). Ultimately, it looks like living for eternity.

The more we grow to love the Lord, the more we want to give. The more we see God use our giving, the more we grow in relationship with Him and want to be part of what He is doing, which usually changes our heart toward giving even more. As we give, we realize that it all belongs to God and He blesses that giving in one way or another. Regardless of the blessings you receive on earth, you can count on abundant treasures in Heaven, including the treasure of more brothers in sisters in Christ who were impacted through your obedience to steward the finances God gave to you to manage.


Interested in learning how to better steward your finances? Our Stewardship Ministry is offering several upcoming classes and seminars to help!

Biblical Investing | Sunday, May 21
Discover God's plan for protecting and growing hte resources wiht which He has entrusted you.

Will Drive | Sunday, June 11
Join us for a free lunch and will drive to have a basic will prepared, have your existing will evaluated or updated, and learn how to maximize your contribution to God's work while you are still alive.

How to Make Money | Sunday, July 16
Join us for a biblical look at God's design for creating and managing wealth.


Written by First Dallas Staff

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