Steward | stew·ard | to manage or look after (another’s property)

Few institutions exist that are more important than the family. As a God-created unit, it is sacred and worth protecting. That may be why Satan is so diligent to attack the family unit whether through the dissolution of marriages, the attack on life in the womb, or even the way we view intimacy, which often leads to fatherless homes or children left to the mercy of government systems.

Family is a gift, and as believers, it is imperative that we protect and steward it well, because like anything, it is given to us to manage and look after. We will give an account. So what does it look like to steward our families well?

1. Prioritize them.

Your family is the most important ministry you have because they have been given to you specifically to care for whether by covenant, birth, or adoption. When considering your time, career, and hobbies, your family should factor in as a priority. Psalm 90:12 reminds us that our days are numbered. Your time with your family is limited. You have a specific amount of time with your kids in your home, a certain number of weekends to spend with them. Psalm 127:3 tells us that children are a heritage. In order to leave a heritage that honors the Lord, we must invest time and energy. Sharing and living in light of the gospel with your family should be a primary focus in your daily life.

2. Protect them

Scripture illustrates how the Lord cares for His little ones (Mark 9:42). Following His example, we should be diligent in this area, as well. We steward our families by protecting their hearts and minds from things that might lead them away from the Lord, not out of a spirit of control but care. This means we protect and guard against unhealthy influences in the home. What your kids see on television, hear on the radio, and see in the people you spend time with is teaching them how to respond to the world around them. They are absorbing. We can’t wrap them in a bubble, but we can shield them in the home and use the safety of that atmosphere to teach them God-honoring responses to what they see and hear in culture that is contrary to God’s Word.

3. Teach them.

You have the incredible privilege to be the primary teacher for your children and an encouraging and sharpening influence on your spouse. God designed the family unit to be his primary means of raising children. The church is meant to partner with the family to raise children who know and love the Lord. It is not the role of the church, school system, government, podcast, or television show to teach those in your house. It is yours. Proverbs 22:6 reminds us that training a child in God’s way will pay dividends in adulthood. Deuteronomy 6:6-7 tells us to teach God’s commands diligently to our kids. Proverbs 3:12 admonishes us to discipline sin out of a love for our children and our desire for them to walk in a way that honors the Lord. Stewarding our family by teaching them is a privilege and responsibility given by God.

Family is a gift straight from the hand of a good Father. It is up to us to steward those given to us in a way that honors Him. Raising godly kids, encouraging our spouse, and sharing the gospel with extended family all point to a steward who is focused on eternity. Godly kids grow up to raise godly kids and share the gospel with others. A godly spouse partners with you to invest in a godly home and sees ministry as a lifestyle. A good steward inspires stewardship in others, and a well-stewarded family points those that see them to the Father. May believers set the stage for what God intended the family to look like – a picture of our eternal family.


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Written by First Dallas Staff

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