If you ever visit a jeweler and ask to look at a diamond, you will notice that the jeweler always places the diamond on a black piece of felt. Why? It makes the diamond look brighter. Our future is only bright when viewed against the black backdrop of our present situation.

In one of the great understatements of Scripture, the writer describes the blackness of our situation in one sentence: “…in subjection under His feet (Hebrews 2:8b).” 

You may ask: “If there is a God why does he allow these school shootings to continue? Why does He allow millions of children to starve to death? Why does He allow my mate to be ravaged by cancer?” Because “we do not YET see all things subjected to Christ.”

Yes, God is ultimately in control of His universe, but He is allowing a temporary rebellion that has devastating effects on the earth. And because all things are not subjected to Christ, all things are not subjected to those of us who will rule with Christ.

G.K. Chesterton once said, “Whatever else is or is not true, this one thing is certain, man is not what he was meant to be.”

Do we really need someone to tell us that? That we do not rule over the universe right now? All things are not subjected to us – we are subjected to all things.

• Our time is ruled by our alarm clock and calendar.
• Our schedule can be ruled by an unfair boss or an irritating teacher.
• If you are a farmer or rancher, your income is ruled by the weather.
• If you are driving, your safety is ruled by the reliability of the car of another driver.
• If you are a citizen, your life is ruled by an incompetent government and burdensome regulations.
• If you are a human being, your health is ruled by many things beyond your control, such as genetics and the environment.

Such a realization makes the words of Invictus seem hollow and idiotic: “I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul.” Hardly!

In this life we are not the rulers, we are the ruled. But that was not God’s original plan. In Genesis 1:26, we find that God’s original plan was for man to rule over the world. 

But that plan was thwarted. It was neutralized, because of sin’s entrance into the world. In Genesis 3:14-19, after the fall, God describes some of the fallout from sin:

• Women would have pain in childbirth and would be under the subjection of their husbands – that was not God’s original plan.
• Work would become difficult and tedious – that was not part of God’s plan.
• Relationships between people would be filled with strife – that was not part of God’s plan.
• People would get sick – that was not part of God’s plan.
• Death would separate loved ones – that was not part of God’s plan.

Sin has infected every part of our existence. That is why Paul says in Romans 8:22-24 that the whole creation groans under the strain of sin. The writer of Hebrews is correct in saying that right now, we do not see the world subjected to us. And that can be discouraging. But he also reminds us that those things were not part of God’s original plan, nor will they be a part of our eternal future (Hebrews 2:9).

Before you think your faith in Jesus is irrelevant to your life right now, just remember what happened to Christ. He too was made lower than the angels. He too suffered. He too died. But through His sacrificial death on the cross, He triumphed over sin and death.

And one day we too will experience that same victory. In 1 Corinthians 15:22, Paul says that Jesus Christ is the first fruits, the forerunner, and the prototype of those who will be raised from the dead. When I became a Christian, I attached myself to Jesus Christ. The same victory over sin and death that Christ experienced, I will one day experience because I am in Christ Jesus.

Don’t abandon your faith in Jesus Christ because of your present difficulties. One day, when Christ returns the effects of sin and death will be broken, Christ will rule over this universe, and we will rule with Him. If these verses in Hebrews 2 tell us anything, they tell us that despite our present difficulties and sinful condition, we are of great value to God. Our present condition does not reveal our true worth.

God loves you so much that he has redeemed you from the scrap heap of sin, and though your life is still filled with difficulty, distress, disobedience, and doubts, one day He will restore you to your original condition. 

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