Twice in Luke 2, the writer says that Jesus grew in wisdom. Though fully God, He was also fully man and grew both physically and mentally as He aged on this earth. It is clear that He was focused on his purpose. In Luke 2:49, he reminds his parents that he must be about His father’s business. We can follow the example Jesus set of following the Father, and in doing so, grow in wisdom.

1. Commit yourself to becoming a student of God’s Word.

As a boy in Jewish culture, Jesus would have been a student of the Scripture from an early age. He would have known the Torah (the first five books of our Bible). He would have known the prophecies about the Messiah, the prophecies that He fulfilled or would fulfill by the end of His earthly life. Jesus knew God’s Word not only because He is the Son of God, but because He was a student of its teaching. Likewise, the more time we spend in God’s Word, the more we will be able to discern truth in our culture, have conversations with non-believers, and rightly speak God’s Word no matter the situation.

2. Spend time with teachers of God’s Word.

Jesus demonstrated the value of spending time with teachers of the Word. In Luke 2, His parents found Him sitting in the middle of teachers in the temple listening and asking them questions. We grow best when we seek the counsel and wisdom of those who are farther along in the faith than we are. One key step in growing in wisdom and understanding is realizing that we don’t know it all and that we need others to help point us to Jesus in ways we haven’t learned yet. 

3. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn.

Jesus’ family traveled to Jerusalem every year for Passover, and Jesus jumped at the chance to stay in the temple with the teachers. He took advantage of every opportunity to “be about His father’s business.” In what ways can you find opportunities around you to grow in wisdom? Maybe it’s taking an equipping class through the church, listening to past sermons, or joining a small group that helps you learn. Maybe it’s asking someone older and wiser to mentor you. We live in a country with ample opportunity to practice our faith and grow. Take advantage of every opportunity to be like Jesus, who “increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52).

The more we follow the example of Jesus, the more we will grow in wisdom. Wisdom isn’t a silent character quality. It sets us apart in speech, action, thought, and emotion. It is one way we can show the world that we follow Christ and point to His goodness and the wisdom He desires to grow in others when they follow Him. 

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