Today there is a measurable increase of interest in Jesus Christ. A scholar at the University of Chicago estimates that more has been written about Jesus Christ in the last twenty years than in the previous nineteen centuries.

It is not uncommon for a secular news outlet to run a feature story on the "search for the real Jesus"—especially around Easter or Christmas. But is the renewed interest in Jesus leading people to draw the right conclusions?

In the opening verses of Hebrews 1, the writer proclaims that Jesus Christ is superior to any reformer, teacher, or prophet that ever lived because He is God's perfect and complete revelation. Jesus Christ is God's Final word in human history.

Beginning in Hebrews 1:2-3, the writer gives us seven descriptions of Christ to show how He is superior.

1. He is the heir of all things.

Jesus Christ is the rightful heir to all things (Colossians 1:16). In Mark 12, Jesus told a story about an owner of the vineyard who rented his property out to some farmers while he went on a journey. After he had been gone, he decided he wanted to receive some of the produce from his land.

He sent a slave, and they beat him. He sent another and they abused him and others, and they killed them. Finally, he decided to send his own son. When the son arrived, the farmers killed him to claim the inheritance.

The slaves represented the prophets whom Israel had ignored and killed. The Son represented Jesus who is the heir of his father's inheritance.

Jesus is the heir of all things. Those of us who are Christians are joint-heirs with him according to Romans 8:17.

2. He is the Agent of creation.

Jesus did not appear on the scene at Bethlehem. He was eternally coexistent with the Father and was the Agent by which the world was created.

Moses could only describe the creation. Abraham could only gaze into the stars of the creation. David could only exclaim how majestic was the creation. But Jesus was the source of creation. 

3. He is the radiance of God's glory.

This word "radiance" doesn't mean "reflection." A reflection is dimmer than the original light source. This word "radiance" means the ray from the original light source. The prophets, as well as you and I, should reflect the glory of God in our lives. Jesus is the full glory of God poured into human flesh. Just as a lamp shade diminishes the radiance of the light we see, it doesn’t diminish the radiance of the bulb itself. In the same way, the human body of Christ was like a lamp shade that somewhat veiled the fullness of God, yet all of God’s glory was still poured into Christ. 

4. He is the exact representation of God's nature.

Jesus is the exact representation of God's very being, His essence. The phrase "exact representation" comes from a word that means "imprint" or "carving." It refers to the impression made by a stamp or seal on a piece of paper or wax. That impression perfectly represented the tool. Jesus is the perfect imprint of God's character because He is God Himself (John 10:30).

5. He is the sustainer of the universe 

Not only did He create the world, but He sustains the world. What is it that keeps the earth tilted at 23 degrees, giving us four seasons? What is it that holds our earth in its orbit around the sun? If it moved closer to the sun, we would burn up. If it moved further away, we would freeze.

Jesus Christ is actively involved in governing the world. Jesus was able to create the world by a simple word, and He is able to uphold the world through His Word.

6. He is the source of spiritual cleansing 

The prophets could only announce God's judgment because of sin, but Jesus is the one who could do something to remove our sin. 

I think it is interesting that the writer doesn't say in Hebrews 1:3 that He made a sacrifice for our sins, but instead says He made purification for our sins. The idea of "purification" is the cleansing from filthiness.

You know how refreshing it feels after a work-out or after working in the yard all day to step into a shower and let the water and soap perform their cleansing work. That is what Christ's sacrifice does for us. No matter how dirty you are, no matter how much sin has stained your life, Christ is able to remove that sin forever.

That is why Isaiah the prophet, though unable to atone for our sins, looked forward to the One who would: "Come let us reason together says the Lord, though your sins are scarlet, they will be white as snow."

7. He is the completer of redemption 

Luke 22:69 and Matthew 22:44, as well as many of the Messianic Psalms from the Old Testament, remind us that the right hand of the throne is a place of power. In the tabernacle and the Temple, there were no seats—no place for the priests to sit down. Why? Because his work was never finished. He was continually offering sacrifices for the people. 

But after Christ offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sins, he sat down. Why? Because there is no other sacrifice to be offered. 

There is no other prophetic message to be delivered. Jesus Christ is God’s complete revelation and final sacrifice for our sins.

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