“Then the women said to Naomi, ‘Blessed is the Lord who has not left you without a redeemer today, and may his name become famous in Israel.’” - Ruth 4:14

The future looked hopeless for Naomi. She was in a foreign land, widowed, and had just buried her two sons. Life as she knew it was going to be forever changed. Her best hope for survival was to return to her ancestral homeland of Judah. Naomi was expecting to make the journey back to Judah alone, having lost one widowed daughter-in-law. But her other daughter-in-law, Ruth, insisted that she journey with her. Despite being a Moabite, she chose the difficult path of being faithful to her husband’s family, even after he was gone. As a good daughter-in-law and fellow widow, Ruth sought to provide for her and Naomi’s needs.

Mourning the loss of a husband must not have been easy. But add to that the stress of moving into a foreign land and culture, and it is pretty amazing how generous Ruth was. Her selfless act of generosity was rewarded when she went to glean what little grain she could from the field of Boaz, a distant relative of her deceased husband. As Boaz returned from a trip to Bethlehem, he inquires about this young woman. He hears the story of how this foreign girl was caring for his kinswoman, the widow Naomi.

So taken was he with her act of generosity, that it encouraged him to be even more generous in return. Eventually the simple act of caring for a widow led to Boaz becoming a kinsman redeemer as Ruth's husband. Naomi had all of her needs provided for, as a result.

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