Every story begins somewhere, and the story of First Baptist Dallas began in 1868. However, this story didn’t begin with a building. It began with the church, the body of Christ. On July 30, 1868, 11 members gathered together to found First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. The Lord was truly in the midst of them.

Up to this point, the 2000-person village of Dallas, Texas hadn’t been kind to many churches. Settlers continued to pour into the young city, many of whom were not known for their law-abiding or religious ways. 

W.L. Williams and his wife, Lucinda, arrived in Dallas to begin a new chapter in their lives. They immediately set out to find a Baptist church but discovered one didn’t exist. The Williams saw the need for a church that boldly preached God’s Word. W.L. soon called Spurgeon Harris, a Baptist preacher and evangelist, to host a revival in Dallas.

The revival services took place at the Masonic Lodge and continued for two weeks, uniting the few Baptists in town. At the end of the revival, three men and eight women stepped forward to form the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. 

A prayer was then offered, “pleading for God’s sustaining grace in the life of the church and that its people might stand for truth and righteousness…and be a light to a lost world until Jesus would come.” 

Never let it be said that prayer doesn’t bend the ear of God. The prayer of one man on July 30,1868 has become the heartbeat of First Baptist Dallas today.

Welcome to First Baptist Dallas! Our mission is to transform the world with God's Word...one life at a time. We are a church with a legacy that is built on the Bible, and we continue that legacy today. With multiple service times and options, as well as age group Sunday School classes, we have something for everyone. Join us on Sundays in person or online beginning at 9:30am.
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