Ecclesiastes 3 teaches us that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” While no one could have predicted that we would be sheltering at home to avoid a virus only a few months into 2020, it didn’t surprise the Lord. He is using and moving in His church to bring hope and impact lives for the Kingdom, and we love sharing stories of what God is doing.

A Time to Share the Gospel

Last week at The Summit, they launched a neighboring initiative where everyone was challenged to reach out to their physical neighbors and share the gospel with them. One of the college students, John, went next door in his apartment complex and met Shaah. He told Shaah he wanted to check on him, asked if he could get him something from the store, and offered to pray for him. He declined the store run but said he wouldn't decline prayer. He remained a little suspicious and caught off guard. Even still, he began to ask questions and inquired why John would share the gospel with him. John shared about Jesus and His power to conquer the grave, the same power that reigns sovereign in this season. This led to a 10 to 15-minute conversation about life and faith. Shaah says he is a believer who has hit rough patches in his faith. John invited him to iCampus, and he said he’d try it out. Afterward, he said that John was welcome to knock on his door and talk whenever he wants.

Ron has been struggling with an overseas client who refused to pay his company’s invoices for six months. He reached out for prayer. Two hours after praying with one of our staff members, he had another negotiation with the CFO. They agreed to get the invoice caught up immediately. And, Ron was able to share Scriptures with an Egyptian executive who is being moved on by the Holy Spirit!

A Time to Connect

Stephon first appeared in the Wednesday evening Men's Bible study on Zoom. Because the group is small and they had never met before, they asked Stephon where he was from and how he heard about Men’s Bible Study at First Dallas. He said that he has never heard of First Baptist Dallas but googled "men's Bible study" and this was the first one that popped up, so he clicked the link.  He lives on a little island in the southern Bahamas near Turks & Caicos.  

A Time to Minister
Jill experienced a dysfunctional upbringing, which led her through a series of poor life choices. When she arrived at First Dallas three years ago, she was broken, bruised, and on the brink of complete hopelessness. She said she doesn’t know where she’d be today if not for all the various ministries, their leaders, and church members. Dr. Jeffress’ sermons pointed her to Jesus and the truth week after week, helping right her confused and distorted understanding of scriptures. Day One’s music ministry was a salve to her deeply wounded heart, and someone encouraging her gave her purpose and connection. A women’s class helped her understand God, His design, and how to regain peace and find her identity and purpose in Christ. Celebrate Recovery helped her to identify unhealthy and toxic patterns and to choose Jesus’s way over her own. The Summit/Singles Ministry offered support, community, encouragement, and learning on how to navigate this season of her life in a way that glorifies God. When her mom passed in March, the Pastoral Care team was right there, helping her figure out what to do for a funeral during a pandemic and mandatory shelter-in-place order. And now, through GriefShare she is learning to navigate and process her grief in a healthy way. All the ministries worked together to minister to Jill. What a beautiful picture of the body of Christ at work in one person’s life!



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