Ecclesiastes 3 teaches us that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” While no one could have predicted that we would be sheltering at home to avoid a virus only a few months into 2020, it didn’t surprise the Lord. He is using and moving in His church to bring hope and impact lives for the Kingdom, and we love sharing stories of what God is doing.

A Time to Invite

Recently, our students invited 76 people to church online during their Tell the World emphasis. One of the students invited 23 people. We also had students from California and North Carolina join small groups online. 

A Time to Connect

Steve and his family attended First Dallas for a short time before moving to Los Angeles in November. Steve called to thank the church for still ministering to his family in LA. He said, "We are so thankful that the church hasn’t forgotten us because we moved away. We are grateful for the daily emails, the new devotional series, and the opportunity to worship with you on Sunday. I pull everything up on my phone, and then cast it on the big screen, and it’s just like we are there. We were so spoiled by FBD and continue to be spoiled! This is our church!"

Wendy shared, "A colleague revealed to me recently that her son is currently incarcerated in another state. Since the prison has had to suspend its in-person Sunday services for inmates due to COVID-19, it has expanded its online viewing options. Guess which church her son has been watching? First Baptist Dallas!”

A Time to Minister

Lorraine said, "A friend called her sister in another state and shared about our online service. The sister responded that she didn’t have internet service. Well, the Lord impressed on my friend to figure out a way to ‘watch’ the service with her. She called her sister over FaceTime. My friend turned her phone towards her computer, and they watched the service together. She isn’t sure if her sister is a believer, but she wants to watch the service again with my friend next week! What a great way to minister. I thought that I could do something similar for my aunt in Tennessee who has dementia. I used the idea and reached out to my aunt who immediately accepted, so I will be calling on Sunday and worshipping with her. She will not have to worship alone! I'm so thankful that the Lord placed this idea in my friend's mind."

A Time to Pray

A few days ago, one of our members sent out an email to members stating that her phone line was open for prayer calls before sunrise and sunset. A lady contacted her a few days later to pray together. After they prayed, the lady said that she had been praying for an opportunity to be connected with someone in this way. She wanted someone that she could be in contact with all the time. This member realized that during this season, some people want to get closer to God and need someone to stand in the gap with them. 

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