In this preview of the upcoming message, Avoiding the Way of Cain, from his series, Not All Roads Lead to Heaven, Dr. Robert Jeffress addresses the vitriolic reaction from people when Christians proclaim there is only one way to salvation: Jesus Christ.

According to Pew Research a staggering 70% of evangelical Christians believe that there are multiple paths to God. Those who claim that Christ offers the only way to Heaven are being attacked not only by unbelievers who are charging “Intolerant,” but by other Christians who are crying “Unloving.” As a result, many Christian leaders and laymen are abandoning the most basic tenet of historic Christianity: salvation is only available through faith in Jesus Christ. In NOT ALL ROADS LEAD TO HEAVEN, pastor and Bible teacher Dr. Robert Jeffress explains how secularists have succeeded in perverting God’s loving and exclusive offer of salvation into a “religion of hate,” explores the truth of the exclusivity of Christ in Scripture and why it matters, and offers solid answers to some of the most basic questions surrounding this foundational belief such as:

  • Isn’t it intolerant to insist there is only one way to Heaven?
  • Do people who’ve never heard of Christ go to Hell?”
  • Isn’t it unloving to tell people their religion is “wrong?”
  • What happens to infants and children when they die who are too young to trust in Christ?
  • How can Christians share the exclusivity of Christ in a compassionate but compelling way

“I’m not talking about this to keep people out of heaven – I’m talking about it because I want more people in heaven…and not eternally separated from God.” — Dr. Robert Jeffress

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