We’ve all had a season of running – from God, from loved ones, from expectations, rules, obligations, and childhood lessons. We are human. Flawed. Prone to wander.

But some of us are still there. Still wandering. And the worst part? We don’t even know it, except in the quiet moments when something deep down whispers that there has to be more than this.

We’ve bought the lie – the lie that something in this world will satisfy. The perfect spouse, the perfect family, the perfect job, the perfect promotion, the perfect car, house, weekend plans, etc. Jesus told a story of a guy who bought the lie, too. We’ve come to know him as the prodigal son.

This guy asked his dad for his inheritance and immediately ran into the world and gambled it away on what the Bible calls “prodigal living.” The original language for these refers to wasteful extravagance and immorality. The short version? He tried everything the world said was good. And when everything was said and done, he hit his low moment – sitting beside a pig trough eating the scraps. 

Maybe you’re not at your pig trough moment. Maybe you’ve tasted and seen what the world has to offer and it seems pretty good to you. Friend, please take heed. The Bible says there is a way that seems right to us but ends in death (Proverbs 16:25). Your pig moment is coming.

But here’s the best part of the prodigal parable. The Father is waiting. He is standing on the porch, looking at the horizon, waiting for us to come stumbling back. And when he sees us, when we are not yet all the way home, he runs to us and holds us close. He celebrates that we are home.

One word describes the heart of God for his child who has chased life outside His goodness: redemption. He desires to redeem and restore. He is a God of grace and desires that we experience the abundance that He promises which leads to life and peace, not death and destruction. 

Maybe you’ve had your prodigal moment, experienced the pig sty, and have tasted the goodness of the Father when He scooped you into His arms. Or maybe you are reading this and see yourself as the prodigal. You are reveling in everything the world has to offer and if you are really honest, it just isn’t enough.

Friend, would you come home? Come stumbling, come running, just come. The Father is waiting with open arms. He has good plans for you. Come home.

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