We’ve all been there. At some point, most, if not all of us, have seen this church thing and our walk with Jesus as a checklist. Every day, you feel the need to read your Bible, pray, tell people about Jesus, take care of your “temple,” and try not to sin too much. You need to be good, look good, and dare we even say the word – perfect?

It’s exhausting, isn’t it? This constant striving to be enough, do it all, be it all, and be seen a certain way? Ironically, often times, our hearts are in the appropriate place. We want to follow God and we want to do things “right.” But in our striving to do the right thing, we often miss the relationship thing. 

Think about your closest friend or your spouse. When you see them, do you feel a constant need to act or be perceived a certain way? Or because they are the one who knows you best, do you often act raw and real, not hiding the bad moods and bad days?

Jesus wants us to be that real with Him and with His people. His church was never meant to be a stage where we act like a character. Our lives were meant to be the stage where the rest of the world sees the real, the raw, and the broken and how Jesus is the hero who saves the day and heals the pieces. 

It's easy to see the rules, the good things to help us grow, and forget that Jesus asks us to come as we are. He desires to do the work in and through us. He desires to use us in mighty ways. He desires to sit with us over coffee in the morning, encourage our hearts, remind us what is true, reconnect with us, and send us into our day. He desires to connect with us throughout the day, not because we have to pray but because that is our first response.

We must come as David did before the Lord – raw and real. When we see the checklist as ways to connect instead of things we have to do, our perspective changes. We see reading our Bible as a way to hear from our Father, prayer as our way to tell Him what we think or how we feel. We see going to church as a way to be recharged so that we can go out and share the gospel and know we aren’t alone. We see how we sin and how often we sin change because we are being conformed more and more to the image of the One with whom we are spending our time. 

Friend, if you are exhausted with the Christian life, could it be because you are doing it in your own strength? Are you missing out on the joy of following Christ? Be free from perfection. Be free from the checklist. Be free from the need to perform or hide what feels ugly to you. He wants to use you, every part, to make an impact for His kingdom. And it could just be that the parts of you and your story that you are most afraid to share, He wants to use to loudly proclaim His glory. Step off the stage and into His grace. The freedom of a loving relationship is waiting.

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