“Do you have a faith?”
“Do you believe in God?”
“Do you go to church?”
“Will you go to church with me?”

These are simple, short questions, but for many of us, they send us scurrying in fear. What is it about these questions that makes us second guess our confidence, people skills, timing, knowledge, etc? As simple as these questions are, we can learn to make a simple ask. We are commanded to share the gospel, and when we ask these questions, we have more opportunity for further conversation.

Identify common ground.

Identify something in common with the person you are talking to. Ask them about their day so far. Ask them for the story behind a tattoo. Find something that sparks conversation. Commit to engaging and being intentional, aware of who God places in your path. 

Just ask.

Extend the offer to join you for church. Ask if they have every considered that God could be good. Tell them why you love your church. If you discern that they aren’t a believer, make sure you use words and phrases that they will understand. Practice sharing a one-minute version of your story and even a sentence version so you can be ready to give an account for the hope that is in you (1 Peter 3:15).

Trust God with the results.

God wants to use YOU. He gave you your story. He places opportunities in your path. Pray for the courage to forsake your comfort zone and engage with someone. Then trust Him with the results. Trust Him if they decline a church invitation. If you have the opportunity, continue to engage and ask again later. Trust Him if they choose to come, knowing that it is the Lord who will work. Your job is to be faithful. His job is to change hearts.

If you haven’t, watch the video above. Richard was on a run-of-the-mill work call when a believer faithfully engaged him in conversation. One question turned into hours of conversation. As he treated for a medical condition, they engaged in a spiritual conversation. Then they asked him to join them for church. Through God’s goodness and their faithfulness, Richard came, heard the gospel, responded, and now he teaches and shares with those he comes in contact with. He extends a simple ask. Because a simple ask changed his life. God wants to use you in the life of a “Richard,” too. Take a leap. Take a breath. And just ask. 


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