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Within a few years, futurist George Barna predicts that “millions of people will never travel physically to a church, but will instead roam the Internet in search of meaningful spiritual experiences.”

“How contrary that is to what the Word of God teaches,” Dr. Jeffress replied, citing Hebrews 10:24-25, where the Apostle Paul wrote, Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.

“Spiritual development doesn’t take place in a vacuum – we need the encouragement that comes from other believers,” the pastor said. “Those who write-off the local church as an antiquated organization that needs to be replaced by a new paradigm for spiritual transformation forget one important fact: The local church was created by God, not man, to achieve His purpose in the world. The church is the visible representations of Jesus Christ in this world.”

America’s last hope in this decaying world – it’s greatest hope – is the local church. The preservation of our nation for the proclamation of the Gospel depends upon the effectiveness of local churches fulfilling their mission. And the effectiveness of local church fulfilling their mission depends upon pastors fulfilling their calling.

So how does a pastor fulfill his calling? There are three things they must do:

1)  Preach the Word of God (2 Timothy 4:1-2)

2)  Be a prophet – confront the culture with God’s Word

3)  Be an evangelist

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Last Sunday night, Dr. Jeffress continued his message, “How A Christian Should Vote,” talking about the remaining criteria a Christian should consider before heading to the voting booth.

Remember from last week, the first criteria is: 'Is the candidate a Christian?'

The remaining criteria are...

2) How does a candidate's faith impact their policies?

3) Does a candidate's policies align with the Bible?

4) How does a candidate view the Constitution?

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Do we have the right to try to influence others' behavior with our faith? Should Christians—individually or corporately—be involved in politics? Dr. Jeffress took these questions head-on last Sunday night...

"The definition of 'politics' is, 'art of governing,'" the pastor said. "So to say a Christian should not be involved in politics is really to say that Christians have no business in being involved in government. Do you believe that?!?"

Dr. Jeffress continued, saying, "God has commanded us to be salt in this world. And just as salt has to be pressed up against meat to slow down the rot the meat,  so if we are are going to influence our culture, we have to influence our culture—and that means to have contact with government."
And that's been the theme of this series, Twilight's Last Gleaming.

Elaborating on how, throughout scripture, God'd blesses nations with God-fearing leaders, Dr. Jeffress stated, "Some set of values are going to be used to determine the direction of our country. And depending on what leader is elected, that leader will determine which set of values will determine the spiritual and moral direction of our country. Why shouldn't leaders work to elect leaders that are Godly leaders?"

And with that in mind, Dr. Jeffress talked about the first of four criteria a Christian should consider before heading to the voting booth.
1) Is the candidate a Christian?

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What does it mean to be “tolerant” of other people’s religious beliefs? Dr. Jeffress tackled that question yesterday night in his message, “No Time For Tolerance.”

“True tolerance is grounded in a genuine concern for others,” the pastor said. “We have been told by the pseudo-tolerance movement that if we make a judgment that if someone is engaging in beliefs, behaviors or choices that are wrong – if we judge them in any way – that that is a sign of hate.”

“No,” Dr. Jeffress continued, “remaining silent about people’s beliefs, behaviors or choices that cause them harm – that is the most unloving thing a person could do.”

But doesn’t the First Amendment to the United States Constitution mandate religious tolerance?

“True tolerance allows other religious believes – but it also allows for the showing of preference to the belief of Christianity. Our forefathers didn’t hesitate to declare that America was a Christian nation,” the pastor declared. “Never in our wildest imagination was [the First Amendment to the United States Constitution] meant to prostrate Christianity…and elevate any other infidelity of a religion.”

Watch this clip from Sunday evening’s message and learn more…

Join us in two weeks (October 16) when the pastor resumes the Twilight's Last Gleaming series with the message, "How A Christian Should Vote: Four Questions To Ask Before Voting For Any Candidate."



Last Sunday night Dr. Jeffress continued preaching the message, “When A Nation Implodes.”

Remember that last week, Dr. Jeffress said, “...over the last 50 years, there have been three explosive decisions by the Supreme Court that determined the course of our nation. Three decisions that have so weakened our spiritual and social structure that our collapse is inevitable.”

Last Sunday, the pastor discussed the other two decisions: the allowance of the murder of unborn children (Roe v. Wade, 1973) and the redefinition of marriage (Lawrence v. Texas, 2003)

Discussing the third Supreme Court decision, Dr. Jeffress gave strong proof of the importance of ensuring marriage, legally, is between one man and one woman.

Considering the coming collapse of our country--and of this world--what is our future hope? Dr. Jeffress responds, saying, "The coming darkness that is about to engulf America…will be followed by the dawn of Christ appearing and the new Heaven and the new Earth. God has left us here for a specific purpose..."

In the weeks ahead we'll discover what that purpose is! Join us next Sunday night, October 2, when Dr. Jeffress will preach, “No Time For Tolerance.”



Last Sunday night Dr. Jeffress preached the message, “When A Nation Implodes.”

“Over the last 50 years, there have been three explosive decisions by the Supreme Court that determined the course of our nation,” our pastor said. “Three decisions that have so weakened our spiritual and social structure that our collapse is inevitable.”

Dr. Jeffress went on to talk about the first decision – the removal of prayer from school (Engel v. Vitale, 1962) to preserve the “separation of church and state.”

But what does the “separation of church and state” really mean? Where did the term come from? And how has been twisted?

(Click here to watch the FOX News interview the pastor talked about in the clip.)

So maybe government should just be out of the religion business all-together, right? But Dr. Jeffress says, “the idea of religious neutrality is a myth.”

(Click here to learn more about Air Force’s Wiccan temple and the pastor’s Washington Post article.)

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Yesterday, September 11, Dr. Robert Jeffress began a new sermon series, Twilight's Last Gleaming, and talked about what it means for Christians to be "salt and light" in the world.

(Dr. Jeffress was recently interviewed by The Christian Post and answered questions about his upcoming sermon series -- click here to read the article.)

"There is a tide of evil rising up that is about to engulf our nation," the pastor said. "If we sit on the sidelines...and do nothing, we're not only ensuring the collapse of our nation, we're ensuring the consignment of millions of souls to a Christ-less eternity."

Dr. Jeffress continued, saying, "It is time for the church of Jesus Christ to stand up -- to push back against unrighteousness -- and to shine bright the light of Jesus Christ. We cannot allow evil to triumph. We can tolerate no more."

Here's a clip from yesterday's message...

Join us next week at 6pm! September 18's sermon title is, "When A Nation Implodes."

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