Parents of Students

We are committed to being an influence to families through the students we work with and to influence "families of the future," as we minister to students who will move on and build new family relationships. We realize that what we do is only an extension of your ministry at home with your students. Please see below for resources to better equip you as you embrace the calling of parenthood. 

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Classes for Parents

Interested in connecting with other parents in your life stage? Try our class for Parents of Teens and Preteens.

Sunday School
Parents of Teens & Preteens 9:15 AM

Life Stage: Married Adults 45-59
Teacher: Wicker
Location: CC504
Class Type: Co-Ed    

Discipleship University Fall 2014
Parenting on Purpose

Taught by: Lynda Martyn (Parent Educator) | 9 Weeks (Begins Sept. 7) | CC414/416

Perhaps you’re feeling inadequate to meet the challenges of raising a God-fearing child in today’s culture. You’ve read the books, talked to your friends, and you’re still unsure about your abilities to parent well. This class will equip and encourage you and offer practical strategies and relevant stories on how to deal with everyday struggles you face. We’ll lay a foundation from God’s Word and apply those principles to children 6 months to 11 years. No one is a perfect parent, but you’ll discover what is most important in shaping a young child to be a strong and courageous teen and young adult.

Resources for Parents