Dr. Robert Jeffress Discusses the National Prayer Breakfast
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Pastor Robert Jeffress: Senators Who Blocked Abortion Ban After 20 Weeks Are “Barbaric”
Pastor Robert Jeffress: Senators Who Blocked Abortion Ban After 20 Weeks Are “Barbaric” ... read more
Dr. Robert Jeffress Capitalism Has Helped Evangelical Churches
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Dr. Robert Jeffress Condemns Attacks by Atheist Groups on Bible Study Attended by Cabinet Officials
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Dr. Robert Jeffress Shares His Take on "Fire and Fury"
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Dr. Robert Jeffress' Christmas Message on Fox News
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Dr. Robert Jeffress Addresses UN Condemnation of Jerusalem Decision
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GOP tax bill will not include Johnson Amendment
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Nazareth cancels Christmas celebrations over embassy move
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Pastor Robert Jeffress on the evangelical dilemma in Alabama
Dr. Robert Jeffress weighs in on how some evangelicals are reconciling their faith with a vote for Roy Moore. read more
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