Fox News @ Night: Religious Christmas Displays Sparking Legal Debate
Dr. Robert Jeffress appears on Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream to talk if the SCOTUS should weigh in on the recent bannings of nativity... read more
Commentary: Fired for Refusing to Say “He”
Last week in Virginia, a school teacher was on trial for insubordination and failure to comply with school policy. His crime? The word... read more
Commentary: Consenting to Christmas?
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Commentary: Putting Politics in its Proper Place on Thanksgiving
We are living in divided times in America, and it’s changing the way we interact with friends and family. Republicans and Democrats... read more
Commentary: Can We Change Our Age?
69-year-old “positivity trainer” Emile Ratelband has brought a peculiar lawsuit in Holland. He is suing the state to change his age to... read more
Dr. Robert Jeffress: Trump Will Win 2020
Dr. Robert Jeffress appears on Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business to discuss President Trump and the results of the midterm elections. read more
Commentary: Our Designer Baby Future?
In a special issue looking ahead to 2019, the Economist magazine had a concerning article titled, “A slippery slope towards designer... read more
Commentary: The California Wildfires
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Commentary: An Investment Guaranteed by God Himself
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Commentary: Massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue
Massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue ... read more
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