Nearly Weds

Your wedding is almost here! No doubt you are making decisions on the cake, dress, venue, and decorations. But have you thought about life after you say "I do"?

While wedding details are important, preparing yourself for life after your vows is even more important. Your wedding celebration only lasts a couple of hours, but your marriage lasts a lifetime. That’s where we come in!

Nearly Wed Seminar

For engaged or seriously dating couples

Our next class begins…
November 6-8 

The Nearly Wed Seminar is sanctioned by the State of Texas, which offers graduating couples a $75 discount on their State of Texas Marriage License. College students receive 10 percent discount. Payment plans are available by calling 214.969.7851.

At First Dallas, we believe marriage is a picture of our relationship with the Lord. For that reason, we take our responsibility to prepare you seriously! As part of our Nearly Wed ministry, we offer a special class with resources to help you succeed and build a solid foundation as you move into a marriage relationship. You will travel this journey with gifted teachers, mentor couples, and other engaged couples just like you.

We will cover topics such as…

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Physical intimacy
  • Biblical recipe for marriage
  • Finances
  • Discovering your love language

If you are interested in celebrating your wedding at First Dallas or have questions about the seminar, please contact our wedding coordinator at 214.969.7731 or  .


"The NWS at First Dallas was exactly what we needed in the early stages of our engagement. We learned how to create a God-inspired marriage by keeping Christ at the center of our daily relationship with each other. Through the testimony of long-time married couples and the real life advice for the inevitable worldly distractions, the NWS gave us an arsenal of tips, tools, and advice we will cling to throughout our marriage to keep it strong. Though engagement is one of the most exciting times of your life, it's also the best time to start building the foundation of a marriage that will make your Heavenly Father proud. The NWS equipped us to start building that foundation." 

- Jamey and Marissa 

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Minister to Married Adults (20-44)