Worship Arts

Sundays | 5:30pm

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“From the lips of children and infants, you have ordained praise…” Psalm 8:2

Mark Your Calendars

Our kindergarten through sixth graders proudly present...

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Kids Choir Celebration

Saturday, May 9 | 10am-7pm | Six Flags Over Texas

  • Special presentation of our Kids Choir singing the musical, “Spend Awhile on the Nile” on the Main Gate Stage at 11am. 
  • Private Catered Picnic at 12pm
  • Enjoy the park and rides with your friends and choir teachers until 7pm

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You & Me Music

Infants – 3-year-olds 
Horner Family Center | Level 1 | Large Group Room

You & Me Music classes run every Sunday afternoon designed for newborn infants to 3-year-olds and at least one of their parents or another adult. The class exists to introduce your child to a fun musical experience through praise and worship, classical, and everything in between. Children will play musical instruments, move to the beat, sing, laugh and learn together.

Wiggle Worship

Horner Family Center | Level 2

Wiggle Worship is designed for children 3-years-old to 5-years-old after September 1. Because children learn in various ways, these classes are designed with that in mind. Kids are taught to praise the Lord with their whole hearts through dance and song.

Parents, you will be encouraged as you watch your child develop and flourish. The friendships they make through these awesome experiences with their friends who share their faith will become a lifelong treasure.

Wiggle Worship 3 // 3YO by Sept. 1 
Wiggle Worship 4 // 4YO by Sept. 1  
Wiggle Worship 5 // 5YO after Sept. 1

Kids Choir

Grades K-6
Horner Family Center | Level 3

Talented kids are needed for an exciting year in Worship Arts! 

In Kids Choir, your child will further develop a lifestyle of praise and worship to the Lord. Their musical skills will continue to develop as they learn to express their love for God through music.

Students will develop strong musicianship as they learn to read music, practice elements of correct singing, and blending together with other Kids Choir members. Our hymn memory program will give everyone time to sing their memorized verse and chorus, and be rewarded at the end of the choir year for their hard work.

We'll incorporate sign language, dance and choreography as another form of worship, presented in a respectful and appropriate way. Some smaller groups will be selected from auditions. And others will be intended for the entire choir.

Elements of theatre arts will be taught as we provide another way for kids to use their gifts and abilities to the glory of God. They'll learn to communicate Biblical truths through acting. Some parts will be selected through auditions, but everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the class each week.

Each week we will work on a unique art project, which has been carefully chosen to honor the Creator and provide something your child will enjoy. The works of art will be shared publicly through our art exhibit at the end of each semester.

This elective will be offered to children in 5th and 6th grades only. They will learn through hands on experience how to run the sound booth, stage lights, special effects, stage management and many other aspects of technical production.

Cheryl Bernard

Preschool & Children's Music Director