DALLAS, TX (November 6, 2016) – With only a few days left leading up to the most important election our nation has ever faced, Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Dallas and Bible-teacher for the international ministry, Pathway to Victory, addressed his congregation Sunday morning, November 6, 2016, about the God-given right and responsibility we have as Americans to challenge our government to be the restrainer of evil in society.

“The government’s role is to restrain evil,” Dr. Jeffress said. “But make no mistake about it, we have a government right now that promotes evil in our society. Abortion, the butchering of children in the womb is nothing but evil.”

Late-term abortion and the squelching of religious liberty are not among the top concerns for many Americans, the pastor said. “But it should be among the top concerns for Christians.”

We as Christians have a choice, and the choice is very clear. We can vote to continue evil, or as Christians we can vote to stop evil and vote for righteousness. That is the decision before us, Dr. Jeffress concluded.