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First Impressions

Every person comes to our church with a set of expectations, whether good or bad. The question is: will we meet those expectations or fall short of them? The goal of First Impressions is to exceed the expectations of our members and guests, one experience at a time. In order to succeed at that, we need to do three things:

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Create an environment on campus that prepares people for worship

Connect with every guest who honors us with a visit

Care for those who need our help, regardless of whether they ask

Someone’s experience on campus before they get to the worship service can impact what happens when they get there. From the parking garage to the pew, we believe that creating the right experience on campus also creates the right opportunity for God to do something amazing in the lives of the thousands of people who worship with us each week. First Impressions Ministry strives to create that environment throughout our entire campus.

It is not uncommon for us to have 100 or more guests on a Sunday. On a special event Sunday, we can have as many as 500. As word of our wonderful campus spreads and the appreciation for Dr. Jeffress’s preaching grows, the number of guests will grow along with it. First Impressions Ministry is constantly enlisting and training new team members in order to have the opportunity to connect with every guest who honors us with a visit. They may have to drive a little farther to get here, so that means our team will work a little harder to make them glad they came.

Despite our size, it’s obvious by looking around that people know and love each other like family. With thousands here every Sunday, we never want to lose that warm, friendly feeling that keeps people coming back again and again. That’s why our First Impressions Ministry is committed to go beyond just the bare minimum of a smile and a handshake. We don’t wait for people to come to us; we are proactive in finding ways to help them. We care for their needs, regardless of whether they ask for help. Our Welcome Center team personally escorts guests anywhere on campus. Our usher team thoughtfully finds the perfect available seat. Our campus and parking greeters help to keep people walking and cars moving throughout the morning.

We would love to have you be a part of what God is doing at our church. We ask all of our volunteers to make a commitment to serve at least one Sunday per month, but some of them serve multiple Sundays. The time commitment is as little as 90 minutes and there are a variety of places across the entire campus where more volunteers are needed. If you’re thinking about joining our team, email us at for more information.