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Wrapped In Grace

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012

If you’ve driven by campus lately, you’ve probably noticed the array of colorful tiles covering the roof of the new worship center. What you may not know is one challenge that has occurred in the last months leading up to their placement. As we prepared to place the tiles, we discovered that the layer of insulation below the tiles did not effectively protect the roof.

But God has been good in the midst of this challenges and led us to an ironic solution. After exhausting our product options, we discovered Grace Ultra, the only protective lining strong enough to protect us from the elements. So, under our beautiful tiles, a layer of grace firmly wraps us, allowing us to withstand whatever weather comes.

More fun facts…

  • The color is not actually a finish, but is created by a clear electrochemical process, which creates a prismatic light refraction effect.
  • The stainless steel tiles are made from over 75% recycled steel.
  • There will be over 20,000 tiles, covering 19,500 square feet of the drum.
  • Because of the complex geometry of the drum shape, each tile must be measured and cut accordingly to fit.

Just as our roof reflects color and light, so we also pray that we will reflect the light of Christ to our city.