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Share Your Story With Us

Posted by on Jan 02, 2013

Can you imagine being a fly on the walls of history in our sanctuary?

Can you just see the couples who have walked down the aisle and stood before God and family to enter a divine covenant? Many of those newly weds, now grandparents, have seen their children take that walk and now grandchildren, all raised to know the Lord in this place.

Can you imagine the salvation stories, the thousands who have heard the gospel shared by every pastor over the years? They walked that aisle, knelt on those steps, and joined the ranks of our heavenly family.

Can you picture those who have stepped into the baptismal to rise from waters as an example of the changing power of Jesus Christ? They took up the gauntlet to share the story with others, unashamed of the gospel.

Maybe you are one of these countless stories. If you have celebrated a life changing moment in our historic sanctuary, we would love to hear about it. Please email us your story to .