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Reach360 Made A Difference

Posted by on Nov 14, 2012

Reach360 was a huge blessing this year as First Dallas members partnered with three of our most needy mission churches and their congregations. Over 500 homes were touched with Thanksgiving bags, which included a voucher for a turkey, rice and beans, blankets, and Bibles.

Roughly 200 First Dallas members as well as a few students from the Criswell College divided up among three mission church congregations: El Buen Pastor, El Calvario, and Lake June Baptist Church. Many families we met shared burdens and prayer requests which were prayed over and then shared with the mission churches, which afforded the opportunity to share the Gospel. As a result of the outreach, four individuals trusted Christ as their personal Savior, and a number of visitors came this past Sunday to the local congregations. 

One congregation adopted a local apartment and visited the 140 units. Afterwards, God led another apartment owner to ask if there was the possibility of doing some outreach at his complex!

Special thanks to James Patterson for his organization of First Dallas volunteers and for our church family for supporting both local and international missions outreach.

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special story

A team of volunteers helping Lake June Baptist visited a lady named Sharon in the apartment complex who was taking care of her four grandchildren. We asked if we could pray for her, and she began to cry. Her mother, Dorothy, is undergoing chemotherapy treatments, and Sharon is very concerned for her. After presenting her with the Reach360 bag we prayed over Sharon, the grandchildren, and for Dorothy.

Before we left her doorway, Sharon asked us to wait a moment, because she had something she wanted to give us. She returned a moment later with a well-worn, five-dollar bill and asked us to give it to Lake June Baptist Church as a thank offering. From her small apartment, while taking care of four grandchildren, and carrying the burden of her own mother’s health, Sharon was able not only to be blessed but also to bless in return for what God provided that morning.