The Big Deceiver (Satan) is at it again with his newest remix of lies. The Hebrew Roots movement is the latest heresy to divide families and churches in the USA and across the world. This rehash of the ancient Judaizer movement teaches a false gospel of legalism. It calls for Christians to return to keeping all of the Old Testament laws and practices of Judaism including Sabbath worship, dietary laws, and feast/holy day observances.

Course Topics

•    Hebrew Roots and Related Heresies (Sacred Name, Yahwism)

•    The Name Game: Must We Say “Yahweh” and “Yeshua”?

•    Should We Worship on the Lord’s Day or the Sabbath?

•     Does “7” Get You to Heaven? The Seventh-Day Adventist Church

•    The 7 Laws of Noah: Good News for Gentiles?

•    Is Bacon the Food of Beelzebub (Must We Eat Kosher)?

•    Jewish Feasts and Festivals and Moons, Oh My!

•    Should We Celebrate Easter and Christmas, or Not?

•    How to Avoid Covenant Confusion

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(This is a 9-week class)

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    Truett Chapel
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    Dr. Jim Wicker
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    Discipleship University
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