The following proposed Bylaw amendment will be presented to the Church for consideration at the January 23, 2019 Business Meeting.

Pursuant to Article 18.4 (5) of the Bylaws of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, the Bylaws Ministry Team proposes the following Bylaw amendment. See 25.4 for the proposed amendment.

23.1 (3) Changes of the Registered Agent, Registered Office or other non-material changes to the Articles of Incorporation, which are within the ordinary course of business, may be made with the concurrence of a majority of the Directors.


24.1 (1) The Directors shall prepare a Plan of Indemnification in accordance with the Act, which shall be reviewed annually, updating if necessary. The Plan of Indemnification shall provide for reasonable indemnification of Church Staff members, Directors and Church Members under those circumstances, which are reasonably described in the Plan of Indemnification.

24.1b(2) Subject to the advice and consent of the Fellowship of Deacons, the Plan of Indemnification and any material changes thereafter shall be approved by the Church Members.


25.1 The Article, Paragraph, and Subparagraph entitlements in these Bylaws are inserted for convenience or reference only, and shall in no way alter, modify or define, or be used in construing the text of such Articles, Paragraphs, or Subparagraphs.

25.2 If any portion of these Bylaws shall be invalid or inoperative, then, so far as is reasonable and possible, the remainder of these Bylaws shall be considered valid and operative, and effect shall be given to the intent manifested by the portion held invalid or inoperative.

25.3 These Bylaws and other documents referred to herein shall be construed and enforced in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of the State of Texas.

25.4. The Church pledges its assets for use in performing the charitable functions of the Church.  It directs that on discontinuance of the Church by dissolution or otherwise, the assets are to be transferred to a charitable, religious, educational, or similar organization(s) that qualifies under Section 501(c)(3) of the Act, or as otherwise set forth in the Church’s Certificate of Formation


26.1 These Bylaws, effective the 25th day of April two-thousand and twelve, and as subsequently amended from time to time, revoke all previous Bylaw provisions of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas.

Access the Bylaw here: BylawsNotice01.2019.pdf

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